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Q : How will I know if my application is accepted or not ?

This is known by logging in the students portal with your email address and password (which you created at the time of registration), and the status of your request will appear.

Keeping in mind that candidates will be contacted via email for the interview.

Q : I live outside the city of Riyadh and attending the interview will be difficult for me ?

The interview does not require your presence at the city of Riyadh, instead it will be held online via voice rooms. The links for the interview will be emailed to the candidates.

Q : When will the interviews and classes start ?

For details regarding this, kindly refer to the Academy Calendar.

Q : Who will be listening to women ?

A team of female teachers who have attained the  Ijazah will listen to women.

Q : Is there any phone number to contact ?

No, there is no number to contact, as we work online only, via emails only.

Q : Is it mandatory for me to be among the residents of Riyadh ?

No, it is not mandatory for you to be from among the residents of Riyadh. You can register from any country in the world, as recitation will be via the internet.

Q : What is the mechanism for the classes and recitations ?

Classes and recitations will be via virtual class rooms (WizIQ) online, and recitations in them will be through voice.

Q : Am I obliged to be present in the class the entire time (2 Hours) ?

No, you are not obliged to do that. Once you finish reciting, you may leave the class.

Q : From where does the recitation start ?

The recitation starts from Soorah Al Baqarah.

Q : Do you grant the students the Ijazah with Sanad ?

No, students will not be granted the Ijazah. Recitation is only for memorisation and revision.

Q : What are the devices suitable for recitation ?

Computers, smart phones, tablets, iPad.. etc

Q : What are the options for the timings of recitation ?

You can know that by referring to the page Recitation Timings.

Q : Is there a specific age for registration ?

No specific age is stipulated for students, but students aged 18 and above are given preference.