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Jame’e Al-Rajhi Electronic Academy for teaching Al-Quran Al-Kareem

We are a global educational institute that teaches Quran with its successive narrations. An elite group of specialists is responsible for that. This goal is stemming from our mission which is to teach Quran and to make it accessible for Muslims everywhere. This goals originated from what the prophet Mohammed – peace be upon him – said: “The best of you are those who learns Quran and teach it” al-Bukhari.After our project has successfully launched and blossomed in Jame’e Al-Rajhi in Riyadh, and went on for Ten years, and for what was observed of the need and the possibility of learning Quran online with its successive narrations. We sought providing an institution that teaches Quran an exemplary teaching and therefore establishing this blessed academy.We are targeting those who desire memorising Quran – Men and Women – all over the world, and priority to those who are residing out of the Muslim world, and that is because of their dire need and lack of chances there.

In this we ask Allah to provide us with goodness for us, for our student, and those who have spent for this great cause.

Studying in the Academy is according to one of four sections:

First Section:

For those who are Hafiz (already memorised Quran) and want to correct and perfect or learn successive narrations.

Second Section:

For those who want to memorise Quran, and has a set curriculum to follow.

Third Section:

For those who want to enhance their recitation and pronunciation. This section is accompanied with a simplified course for memorisation.

Fourth Section:

For new Muslims who want to learn Al-Fatihah and short chapters.

.If you don’t know Arabic you may need to ask someone to help you in the registration form

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